written by: flipsockgrrl

This is the home of all things both flippy and socky.

I nicked the phrase Sneedle Flipsock from Terry Pratchett’s 2001 novel “The Truth” — mainly because it makes me giggle every time I arrive at the relevant page of the book :-)

At SneedleFlipsockTheBlog I occasionally comment on family, politics, life, the universe and everything blahdeblah…

My photos appear at Flickr and my bookmarks are at del.icio.us.

During 2008, I donned an Official Hat and blogged about work-related stuff at the Information Futures site.

I also blog unofficially about work-related stuff — going on the theory that it’s OK to let it all hang out at Plethaurus.com (as long as I can tuck it back in again).

SneedleFlipsock.com is proud to provide web hosting for Darwin Defenders 1942-45 Inc, a non-profit association for World War II veterans, their families and friends.

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